Michael Onyebuchi Eze

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Research & Teaching

I am a historian of culture and social change. My research is an intersection between African history, African Studies, Africana Intellectual history,  Africana philosophy and Political Theory. With advanced degrees in history and political philosophy, my research and teaching are divided into three major sections: (i) History (African history and its engagement with the wider world/Nationalism and Social Change/Africana Intellectual history/The Black Atlantic);(ii) Philosophy (Africana philosophy/ Ubuntu/ Africana Humanism/ Pan-Africanism) (iii) Cultural studies (Postcolonial Studies/Cross-cultural communication/ Inter-cultural dialogue/anthropology of culture). In terms of personal philosophy, I am an African humanist: "humanity is a gift we owe to one another".

Teaching Competence

- Creative Archives/Digital History
- Modern African History
- World History/ World Civilization
- History of Christianity
- The Black Atlantic & Imperial Ideologies
- Intellectual History of Colonialism
- Africana Intellectual History
- Afro-Latino Studies
- Islamic radicalism in Contemporary Africa

Cultural Studies
- Critical Race Studies
- Cultural Identity in the Modern World
- Intercultural Competence in an Era of Globalization
- Cross-Cultural Communication
- Postcolonial African Studies

Philosophy/Political Theory
- Africana Philosophy
- African Political Philosophy
- African Environmental Ethics
- Modern Political Thoughts
- History of Political Thought
- Virtue Ethics
- History of African Philosophy

 Currently Teaching (Colorado Christian University)
- Cross-Cultural Communication
- History of Christianity
- World History/World Civilization
 - Oral Communication