Michael Onyebuchi Eze

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Research & Teaching


Trained as a historian, philosopher and political scientist, my research interests are interdisciplinary, intersecting between Political Science, History and Philosophy. With advanced degrees in these fields, my research and teaching are divided into  four  sections: (a) History (African history and its engagement with indigenous societies, cultures, civic movements, nationalism and social change. Also, African Theory of History and Historiography ); (b) Philosophy (African Philosophy, Critical Race Theory, Africana Intellectual History, The Black Atlantic). (c) Political Science ( Political Theory, African Political Economy, Postcolonial African Studies), (d) Cultural Studies (Intercultural Communication, Global Cultures, Global Identity Experience, Oral Communication in English).  

Current University Affiliations:

- Trinity Hall, University of Cambridge, The United Kingdom

- Department Of Political Science/Amsterdam Institute of Social Science Research (AISSR) University of Amsterdam,

   The Netherlands

- Colorado Christian University (Affiliate faculty)

- Amsterdam University College, The Netherlands

Professional Service
2017 – Present, Editor, Theoria: A Journal of Social and Political Theory


 2016 – Present, Associate Editor, Filosofia Theoretica: Journal of African

Philosophy, Culture and Religions

Teaching Competence

IR and Politics of Africa

Development Politics and State Formation in Africa (BA elective)

African Renaissance and The Politics of Development in Africa (MA Research Project/Thesis)

Democratization and State Ruptures (Africa and Middle East) 

Nationalism and State Politics in Africa

Islam, Globalism and Collapse of the Secular State (BA Elective)

Foreign Aid, Development and the Politics of Legitimation in Africa (BA Thesis Project)

Religion and Politics in Africa: Theory and Practice (MA Elective)


Philosophy/ Political Thought

African Political Theory (BA elective)

Critical Race Theory (MA Elective)

Truth and Multiple viewpoints: A study in cross-cultural Ideologies (BA elective)

History of African Philosophy

History of Modern African Political Thought

Islamic political philosophy

Introduction to Postcolonial African Theory (BA/PPLE)

African Ethics

Black Theology



Creative Archives/Digital History (first year history method)
Modern African History
World History/ World Civilization (BA elective)
History of African Christianity
The Black Atlantic
Intellectual History of Colonialism (MA elective)
Africana Intellectual History (BA elective)
Afro-Latino Studies
Blacks in Antiquity


Cultural Studies/Communication Studies

Global Culture (BA elective)

Philosophy of race, dialogue and reconciliation
Critical Race Studies
Cultural Identity in the Modern World
Intercultural Competence in an Era of Globalization
Cross-Cultural Communication (BA elective)

Oral Communication in English(BA elective)
Postcolonial African Studies (BA/MA elective)



  • MA Research Thesis Project Supervision (University of Amsterdam)
  • BA Thesis supervision (University of Amsterdam)
  • BA “capstone” supervision (Amsterdam University College)


External Examination

PhD – University of Johannesburg (Philosophy Department)